FINALISTS OF 2014: KLJT 95.3 / 102.3 - "The Breeze", KNUE 101.5 FM - "Today's Country", KORA 98.3 FM - "The Texas Country Original", KVNE 89.5 FM - "The Voice of Encouragement", KYYK 98.3 FM - "Best Country", Clicks Live, Double C Steakhouse & Saloon, Gladewater Opry, Lakeside Icehouse at Lake Bryan, Outlaw Country, AlleyFest, Electric Boogie, Manicstock, Rowdy Fest, T-Bone Walker Blues Festival, Darby Warren Project, Jack Nelson, Jaden Farnsworth, Kid Icarus Project, Lauren Alexander, East Mountain Bluegrass Band, Front Porch Pickers, Lacie Carpenter, Tin Top Road, The Scrips, Alan Fox Band (AFB), Ally Venable, Hubcap and the Loose Nuts, King Richard and & Bayou Boys, Wes Jeans, Brandon Pierce Band, J.O.E. (Jesus Over Everything), Kindred, Marlon Sharp & Cowboys at the Cross, Redleter, Bubba Westly & Interstate Heartbreak, Captain Joe, Darrin Morris Band, Southern Junction Band, Wayland Hicks & the Travelers, A-Watts, Aiden Beats, Robin "Boogie" Butt, Fat Baby, Handsome Robb, BSE (Brainstorm Entertainment), Chase B, Hustletyme Media Group (HTMG), SP, East Texas Jazz Orchestra, Low D's Jam Band, Nac Pac Jazz Trio, Purple Velvet Fox, Sabine River Brass Band, David Olivarez, Los Guerreros del la Musica (LGM), Los Skarnales, Mely Benely, Can't Kill the Ugly, Darkside of Daylight, Rocket Queen, Setacide, Beer Munkees, Man & Knife, The Pullouts, The Rest, Young Ones, Blake Champion, D. Cox, Lady Chazz & The Tramps, Bleed the Rain, Cullen Baker, Tyler Lenius, Chris Colston, Cody Wayne, Walter Lee, Jennifer Caruthers, Julia Beers, Sabrina Toole, Trinity Campbell, Bryson Martinek, Gary Hatcher, Guiseppe Joey Cefalu, Karl Mangrum, Mike Petty, Ally Venable, Charlie Reaves, Kelsey Wilson, Melanie Howie, Shinia Kelsey, Chaz Von Graves, Frank Dison, Paul Tyson, Randall Rainwater, David Tyson, Jacob Hines, Jason Grinnel, Michael "Opie" Harrist, Seth Jenke, Alexa Johnson, Jeremy Sharp, Lacie Carpenter, Sheila Weaver, Wes Barlow, Charles Praytor, Chip Bricker, Ethan Brown, Maurice Laperriere, Sherry Lee Morris, Westbound 21, Austin Molpus, Dakota Stone, Rusty "Hustle" Shelburne, Big P, Andre "XcluZive" Herndon, Ethan Brown, Frank Pryor, Omar Vallejo, Gerald Salzarulo, Pat Ryan, Jedidiah Crisp, Bo Daniels, Parker Heights, Buddy Logan, Charlie O, Darrin Tripp, Brain, Super Dave

East Texas Music Awards ™       ETX Music Awards 2015 ™          ETX Records ™          ETX Music ™

ETX Music Awards 2015


We ere getting ready for the ETX Music Awards red carpet event in September (date/location TBA). Winners will be announced at the ETX Music Awards 2015 event.

This year, we had 175 finalists in 35 categories. Thank you for supporting the musicians and venues of East Texas. The East Texas Music Awards voting process is 100% fan-driven. We depend on support from the public in order to pull off this event each year. Would you like to sponsor the event? The date for the ETX Music Awards red carpet event is set for September, 2015.

Since 2010, ETX Music has been joining forces with musicians of all styles, music venues, music magazines, newspapers, festivals, and more. East Texas has it all, from Country to Rap, and from Jazz to Latin. We leave the door wide open for fans to share all music.  Review the entire ETX Music Awards category list here

ETX Music Awards