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2017 - The live compilation recording of various artists is set for September 8, 9, and 10 at the ETX Music Awards Fest. 

2016 – “CROSSROADS”  - Artists include One Way Home, Savercool, Angela Hudman, Jay-3 and Brittannee, Jermaine Jackson, Joey Cefalu, Justin Gambino, Kyle Pribble, Tquan Moore,  Jericho March, and Trent Minter.

2013 – “EAST TEXAS MUSIC, THE COMPILATION” - Artists include Wes Jeans, Darrin Morris Band, One Way Home, Westbound 21, Miller Row, Tyler Lenius, Donnie Pendleton, Lacie Carpenter, Meagan Brooks, Tyler Blake Johnson, Los Guerreros de la Musica (LGM), Tquan Moore, Darkside of Daylight, Deadwood, Ro'Bee, Bo Daniels, and The Bigsby's.

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